Re-imagine customer self-service in your contact center.
Reduce hold times, increase customer satisfaction.


How Can An IVR Help You?

With an IVR your customer can by phone more quickly:

Route Calls


Build simple menu
options or sophisticated
geo-aware personal
data driven menus.

Lookup Info


Give your customers
faster access 24×7 to:
their data such as
account balance,
reward points, or
shipping status.

Make Changes


Your customers may
want to make changes
to their orders. Many of
these can be routinely
handled by an IVR
menu system.

Provide Status


Handle routine inquiries
with a message box or
on demand status line.
Uses include anything
from simple info line for
job listing or store
directions to disaster
status handling.

Here Are 3 Questions To See If Our IVR Is A Fit:

1.Is open better than proprietary and locked in?
2.Does scaling on demand without paying premium charges sounds good?
3.Would you like the freedom to use your phone carrier so you save up to 90%?
If you answered yes then we’re a fit. No one else provides all three.
See for yourself. Ask for a trial or a demo below. After all, why pay more for less?

Key Advantages With Apex IVR

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Scale On Demand

Most businesses experience changes in demand. For example, retailers often see Holiday season spikes.

There might be specific busy days or times. Planning around this is hard and expensive to deal with. Eliminate these headaches with scale on demand Cloud IVR.


Mobile App Integration

Everyone is mobile. Empowering customers with your own mobile app is great. Now take it to the next level and differentiate from your competitors. Provide a new dimension by which your customers can engage with you with our easy IVR integration kit (SDK).

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Open Standards Makes It Quick & Easy

Developing an IVR app means using a software language. VXML is an extension of XML. It’s what millions of developers already know.Why learn proprietary API’s if you can use a standard at no extra cost? VXML is the English of IVR’s used by Cisco, Avaya and Genesys. You can preserve you investments if you use a common standard.


Up To 90% Savings

Here are 4 ways you save :
1. Scale up and down without overbuying.
2. Avoid expensive license locks.
3. Eliminate IT support costs or hardware to buy.
4. Gain ability to innovate and deliver faster.

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One Demo Worth A Million Words